Before moving to another country

Let's think about it before moving to another country. What is your reason and why? You must have a good reason because you need to take responsibility for all risk. A good thing and a bad thing could happen. If a bad thing happens, just remember you can always go home.  I like to share my experience [...]

Why are you jealous?

  Jealousy is a heart disease that every human has it. Ask yourself first," why are you jealous?" Let's find out and how to handle the jealousy. For instance, I am jealous because they are smarter than me, they are rich and I am poor, they are successful and I am still struggling, my lover has a lot of friends [...]

How to heal a broken heart

Give a time for yourself for being sad, at least one or two days after your lover left. Try to remember about the bad memories of your lover instead of the good one. This way easily to forget them. Try to understand 'the faith' she or he just doesn't mean to be with you or [...]

Why I don’t like working in the Kitchen?

I used to work in the kitchen as a cook. But, these 6 reasons make me not to go back working in the kitchen anymore. I've done enough! First of all, I don't have any experience in this field. There is no job description of every kitchen position, so that's why some people do more task [...]

The Front Desk

I like to share my experience with you as a front desk that English becomes your second language. Can you imagine how hard it is? but it doesn't mean, you cannot do that, can you? The language barrier won't be a big deal because you always have been able to handle it by doing a [...]

To get success in a long distance relationship

It really depends who likes to do or wants to make the relationship work, what is your goals, are you ready for the long distance relationship commitment?  Trust each other is the important key to make the relationship work. You need to trust your partner or in return.  Communication. This is another important key to [...]

8 tips to avoid being stressed out

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. This way brings your blood pressure down. Think always in a positive way. Every problem can be resolved, no matter how hard it is.  Let you control your mind or not on the contrary! Do a lot of activities that you like and enjoy it! reading, cooking, [...]