The best way to make money

  Do you want to know the best way to make money? A lot of advertisement out there mentioned," We can make money $100/day or $500/day, $1000/day  etc." and do you believe it!? It's actually true, but it will take time to process it for making money comes in a day or even instantly. For [...]

Before I get retired

  I hope to get retired from 70's, having a lot of saving in the Bank, debt free, the mortgage pays off, stay healthy, still be able to write and travel at my home country, happily married ever after with my husband and seeing my only one daughter's success in her life. I am not scared to die, but this is what I am scared about," No house, no debt free, no money and get retired from 70's and [...]

How to stick to your budget

Several tips to stick to your budget   Keeping a track for any expenses of the budget that you have planned it. Don’t buy any items which are not listed in your budget, even you see the items that you don’t need it to buy at the time on the big sale!! It will mess up [...]

How to save money regularly

I believe everybody has many ways to save their money. It's not easy though you just have to be persistent. Keep trying till you can save your money! You must have a goal and focus on that, "what did you save money for?" this question has to be on your top list. This few steps might [...]